Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Get ready to wag your tails and unleash your excitement because it’s time to celebrate a special day that’s all about our furry companions – National Dog Day! While National Dog Day isn’t *technically* until August 26, we think it’s an occasion that deserves some recognition the whole week. 

Red colored large Golden Retriever dog sniffs yellow treat bag from BarkBox subscription. Dog is laying facing the camera on a multi-colored striped dog bed with various toys and treats around it. BarkBox delivery box is in the left of the frame.

National Dog Day: A Day for Our Furry Superheroes:

Did you know that dogs are like real-life superheroes? They might not wear capes, but they sure do some amazing things! They help police officers find clues, cheer up sick people in hospitals and even guide people who can’t see. This special day is all about saying a big “THANK YOU” to our furry friends for all the wonderful things they do.

Best Buddies Forever:

Dogs are the best friends you can have. When you’re feeling down, they’re there to give you a warm, slobbery kiss. When you’re excited, they’re ready to jump and play with you. Dogs have a magical way of making us feel happy, loved and special.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when your dog looks at you with those big, soulful eyes? That’s the magical human-dog connection in action! Dogs have been our best buddies for thousands of years, and there’s a good reason for it. They’re not just pets; they’re part of our families. They shower us with unconditional love, and in return, we give them belly rubs, toys, treats and loads of cuddles.

One way we love to show our dogs how much we care about them is by having something special they can look forward to each month. For National Dog Day, we’ve partnered with BarkBox and SuperChewer to help unleash special discounts for our I Love My Dog So Much friends and followers. The links above will unlock a great deal to spoil your dog every month without even having to leave the couch. Using our unique link, your dog’s first box of happiness will be just $5 when you subscribe!

New to BarkBox and SuperChewer? They’re monthly deliveries of unique toys and all-natural treats and chewers inspired by a new theme, tailored to your dog and shipped free to your door, every month.

Fur-ever Funny Friends:

Dogs can be really silly and funny! Have you ever seen a dog chase its own tail? Or maybe your dog has a special way of begging for treats that makes you giggle. These furry friends have a way of making us laugh with their wacky antics. National Dog Day is the perfect time to share all the hilarious things your dog does.

Tail Wagging Happiness:

Have you ever noticed how dogs wag their tails when they’re excited? That’s their way of saying, “I’m so happy to see you!” It’s like a doggy high-five. And did you know that spending time with dogs can actually make you feel happier too? When you play with them or give them a belly rub, your brain releases a special chemical called oxytocin. It’s like a happiness potion that makes both you and your dog feel fantastic!

Make a Difference, One Paw at a Time:

Not all dogs are lucky enough to have a warm and loving home. National Dog Day is a great opportunity to help those in need.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Adoption: Consider adopting a dog from a shelter. You’ll give a loving home to a pup who deserves a second chance.
  • Fostering: If adopting isn’t an option, you can foster a dog temporarily. It’s a rewarding way to provide love and care while they’re waiting for their forever home.
  • Donations: Support animal shelters and rescue organizations by donating food, toys, blankets or even your time as a volunteer.

National Dog Day is the perfect time to shower your dog with love, celebrate their unique personalities, buy them a special toy and make memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s cherish our furry companions, embrace the joy they bring us and continue to spread kindness to dogs in need. Happy National Dog Day to you and your paw-some pals!

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