That feeling when you can’t scratch that itch! ??

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Medium sized black dog with perked ears is covered in a blanket by two Maui Humane Society volunteers.

Support for the Maui Humane Society

The recent wildfires in Maui left many animals injured and misplaced. Donate to help us support our friends at the Maui Humane Society continue to help these animals get the care they need and get reconnected to their loving owners. Typically with donation events, nonprofits see a large spike right after something happens. But we know that […]

Red colored large Golden Retriever dog sniffs yellow treat bag from BarkBox subscription. Dog is laying facing the camera on a multi-colored striped dog bed with various toys and treats around it. BarkBox delivery box is in the left of the frame.

Celebrating National Dog Day

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Get ready to wag your tails and unleash your excitement because it’s time to celebrate a special day that’s all about our furry companions – National Dog Day! While National Dog Day isn’t *technically* until August 26, we think it’s an occasion that deserves some recognition the whole week.  National […]

Dark blue background with repeating paw prints in grey blue font showing the words "Celebrating International Assistance Dog Week" with a "Read Now" button underneath in dark grey.

Celebrating International Assistance Dog Week

International Assistance Dog Week (IADW): Amazing Dogs Making a Difference International Assistance Dog Week (IADW) is August 6 through August 12 this year. IADW marks a special time to celebrate and learn about incredible assistance dogs that help people with disabilities. From guide dogs for the blind to service dogs for those with mobility challenges, […]